+++ Actuals +++

Here you find actual notes



A year with a lot of successful gigs and very interesting meetigs expires for me. One of this meetings was a man who came from very poor conditions. He work one's way up from nothing to a self-made-millionaire and founded a company whith is woldwide well-known in the film-business. And he can tell stories of his life, which are really amazing.

If you like to meet interesting people, too, I have good news for you: I asked the man, if he would like to make a presentation near my residence an he just said yes. It will be at an event of the Christen im Beruf, which I support graphically and musically from time to time.

If you want to have a wonderful lecture and meet an award winner of an OSCAR and want to hear me sing, too, have a nice evening with a good dinner - simply come to Altötting. It will be an evening and a meeting, with could change your life!


A few days ago I had a gig at the annual meeting of a great club. I sang there a medley with well-known hits of the last decades. A special feature was a big videowall to support my performance. Here are some impressions from the successful show.

Very nice, too, was the annual "Night of the candles" this year in the church of conciliation in Garching. More than 1000 candles formed a special atmosphere. The songs of Taizé are any time a pleasure and to the end I sang the song "Von guten Mächten wunderbar geborgen". This nice collage which was created last year, should give a little impression of the event.

Usually my voice is enough, to know the original singer of a song. But sometime it's nice to change the outfit


Two days ago was a great event - A lot of artists presented a veried program with music, comedy, cabaret and poetry. I was there, too and sang a few well-known songs of the last tens of years - very true to the original of course!

The spirit was so good, the saloon was fully crowded, the artists (me enclosed) gave their best, the audience was excited. The event was a great success.

The newspaper wrote a very nice article. About me there was written: "Alex Ander impressed the audience with a parade of pop songs from "Schmidtchen Schleicher" to "Lady in Red". To the playback music he sang amazing near the voice of the original singers. If Udo-Lindenberg-mumbling or Peter-Maffay-tonguing - High-Quality-karaoke with check shirt."


At September, 15th I sing at a event of the Christen im Beruf at the Hotel Plankl in Altötting


We make a Taizé-Singen in Garching/Alz at September 9th. If you have time, enjoy to sing together and live not too far away, you are invited to come!


If number of visitors increase, maybe the reason is publicity - but not because an excellent gig from me, but because an excellent article about me, wich has publiced in the programme booklet from the television channel "Bibel TV".

I want to great all people, which has found to me this way and I wish you an excellent entertainment!


"Time to try something new", I thought by myself and visited an worksop for opera singing offered by a professional opara singer. And it made a lot of fun, to blare a famous aria together with her and the comp of an "saddle fast" piano player into a wonderful school hall - maybe I should try this once in a while...

Sometimes I visit a church in my home village, where songs of Taizé were sang. At the end somtimes I sing a special song as highlight. Today I sang a song from Mosaro and is was very successful. But the pianist was in great condition, too :-)


A time ago I had the honour, to sing at a funeral. Because usually I sing just for fun, this was a new challenge for me. It was a nice and gracefully farewell.

Dead belongs to life and where light is, there is shadow, too. Life becomes much easier, if you can accept both sides.


Not an April Fool's joke! I was at a singing lesson of Alpine folk music offered by a well-known folk music singer. And I had so much fun to sing this simple and humorous songs together! Unbelieavable!

I didn't have any prejudices about any music styles - becaus a few years ago (better: long years ago) I didn't believe to sing and like Schlager music so much by myself.


I come from a very nice concert. To fit for sleeping I just write a few lines. I don't do this only to tell about you, but want to invite the "not quite unknown" musician (as he tells about him in one of his songs) at my homepage (he promised to look at it).

His name I cannot tell this time, because there is a little story, which has to be told, too. But have a look from time to time at my side, because there isn't a fix time-plan at the moment.

And you (I mean the musician, whos name cannot be told this time) are heartfully invited, too - maybe you are interested at the story about the photo I gave you and the end of your concert. I can't tell you, because your ears wanted to make home time ;-)


A lot of years a side-counter was part of the homepage. Now the (free) service has closed. But the homepage will work without, too - quantity of visitors isn't much important for me, but quality! And here I think by myself, it is very wonderful.

For statistics only we want to notice, that we oversteppt 5000 (about 5200 visitors at end of January)


As you know, there are not only good people on this world, some of us take wrong ways. A vew days ago, the mail-account of Alexandersound was cracked and a lot of SPAM was sended from it.

As you know, I don't make advertising at my homepage and I don't send unwished Mails to anywhere.

I'm sorry, if somebody was herassed. I dont know, who makes such things, but investigations are running and sooner or later, I'm sure it will come to light.

Whatever, I wish you all a thoughtful and lovely christmastime!


Alexandersound supports Vincent Vegan

This is a project, to offer tasty vegan meals on wheels. The therefor needed vehicle, called "Food Truck", was financed by crowdfunding and it will be rolling over the German streets soon.

"Why not combine the useful with something making sense", I thought by myself and so I donated a little for this great idea. As thank-you gift, the truck will get an Alexandersound-Logo - so the friend of vegan diet will get gusto of this homepage... and this Idea gives pleasure to me, too :-)


Since a few months this homepage enjoys great popularity - in particular many guests from Brazil are visiting it. From time to time they come more often than german visitors. So it seems to be time to learn another language:

Seja muito bem-vindo, amigos de Brasil! (Hope, this is passably correct)

Best greetings to the rest of the world, too! ;-)


April fools! There are no actuals today ;-)

Oh, stop - there are some little news: The faithful Alexandersound-visitor will have noticed, that the outfit of the page has changed: Varied Fonts and a modified text let the side now, how could I say, be more "harmonious" - isn't it?


Project "Peter&Alexander" was a little too small, this will be changed now, with a few unpublished details and pictures it gets the right size and significance.

Peter Maffay, a German singer I appreciate well, sings "Halleluja", but with all his engagement, he doesn't gets the quality as Peter&Alexanders singing "Halleluja" (look at project "Höllbach-Choir", demo: "At a time like this". Well, we have set a high standard - sorry Peter ;-)

The vigilant Alexandersound-enthusiast will already have checked that the player for music-demos has changed: short but smart ist the motto: Now a little flash-player will bring the right sound to your ears!


Oh, how fast time is running. As I looked at my page a long time ago, I had to realize that some hyperlinks were out of use and had to be removed. What a pity, because a lot of nice memories were related with them. But this ist our world - everything changes. So it is important, that this pages here are resistant for contemporary witness, isn't it?

I don't know, how you think about, but I still can wonderful amuse myself about the crazy stories here - and if the comedian has the most fun with his own jokes, it's not bad at all ;-)

Well, let's see, maybe I should write more again. Better you stay near by - although I cannot make promises, because even you have a lot of time, if there are a lot of hobbies too, the time never is too much...


Today here in Germany is "Valentinstag" - a day for lovers. "A good chance for writing a love song", I thoght by myself. There is a well-known love song, which nearly cries for an extension and so I began to write the second part of it.

All went well, I was so much inspiratet and the song was written very fast - but unfortuniately the finished song wasn't a lovesong at all. Anyway, the story in the song happens here in real live, too, so the not unhumorous song has its authority.

Because the song fits in the carnivals time now, I intend to surprise some radio stations with it. I only have to think about, which ones this will be. And there are also some legally questions about the playback I have to clarify. But I hope, that the administrative barriers are not too high and you can hear the song soon in the radio!

I wish you a very nice time of carnival and lots of love


Alex from Alexandersound


Some time ago a message arrived me, that a radio station would like to make an interview with me. Although I had the jitters, I promised to do it and gave the moderator the challenge of his life. Today he is working somewhere else...

I hope, it was not my guiltiness ;-)

You can find the story at the EXTRAs side


It's high time, to write something in here! But don't think I am lazy if you cannot read here news for a longer time. A main factor for success is a simple thing: practise - and that is not as spectacular to write about...

But there is some spectacular to write about now, and that is the grandiose Classic Rock Festival, at which I was a few days ago. What an awesome event, so many international successful musicians together at one day - but read by yourself at the new Extra and follow me to this special event!

Much fun!


After another lie fallow of the page I'm back. Let's go to work again! Some projects will be under construction again next time but I hope to finish them soon.

I am surprised, the number of visitors didn't stagnate during the long break. May I think, this are the loyal fans?! Or are you here by chance, because the page has good rankings at the search engines? Please write me, why you are here?


After summer holidays I am now back here and I have some good and bad news (that's life):

Project ABS is just died. Why? Not enough fat happy ladies were found until day x. The ladies who were interested where too young or too slim. But many thanks for being interested to all the ladies! But don't worry about the projeks out, now I can concentrate my energy to the other open projects.

Because the complex legal regulations in our country I cannot show you all the music demos I want to. So sorry, but my imitations nearly sound like the originals - so it's not a great difference to hear them instead of me ;-)

Some projekts have to be re-designed because the called reasons, so they are not visible next times.

You cannot imagine how much mails I get every day - but unfortunately not from fans or music producers, it's mainly SPAM! So I had urgently to change my mail adress. It's now: mail(at)alexandersound.de

I hope somebody has missed me during the large summer holidays? As a little reparation I have a new EXTRA for you: The amazing report of a great music event in Austria. Wish you a lot of joy with!


Do you know POPs? Never heard about? In this case it's time, to look to the ACTUALS-Rubric (at the startside)! The Doc is no more alone now and the ACTUALS are right named now!

For all, who haven't found the Easter-surprise: Its a new nice story, called "If someone makes a journey" in the Steven & Alex project. Now it is integrated totally and all who haven't read it, I want to recommend it! Have fun!


Did you have a good Easter celebration? I think, the Easter-bunny had let something here. But where it is, he hasn't said - you have to search on your own ;-)


Some ladies may ask: "Could I be a model for project ABS?". For them there is a psychologic test in the project now. Try it!


A few days ago I had to realize, that my work isn't much effective because you can earn a lot of money as an artist without working much:

There is a woman for example, who let her marmot play with coloured pieces of ice on linen. The result is an interesting picture, which can be sold with the price of a normal workers earning during half a month!

It seemes that I'm making something wrong here...

But on the other side, today I saw a farmer on TV, who enjoys ballet very much. He told, how he stood up as a teen regular at 2 o'clock, to work on the fields and in the stable, then he went to the next country to visit a ballet-school. At the evening he went back to stable and fields to work again. Well, now he has his own ballet-school and works as an actor, too. And his farm? Of course, he works there, too!

Respect! Maybe I work not too much, but too less? Okay, soon as we got the models for the ABS project, I will go on working here intensively. The first results of the model search are comming in - but we need more. Where are the fat ladies, who complain about the preference of the superslim models? Here is your chance!


The new year also brings a new story to us: Project ABS. And we need some people to join in with. Details you can find in the project.

With the new project, a very well-known German singer will be surprised. T'hat's all for the moment ;-)

I'm very enjoyed about this project, because it seemes to bring a lot of fun! So let's search together for adequate models!


A last greeting to all friends of good music, before the year goes by!

The "Steven & Alex" project was successfully opened yesterday at a wonderful three-hours opening-party and can be seen by all visitors now. I am glad, the opening-party was so fantastic and wish you all a many joy with the new project!

Oh, I have so much crazy ideas for the new year - I am so curios, if I can realize that all, and you can be, too! I wish you all a succesful and wonderful new year!


It's time to open the Project "Steven & Alex". Today at 21.00 MEZ (12 o'clock noon PST California). Entrance will be at the Startside. Attention: Maybe you have to actualize the side at time of opening, that the celebration hall can be viewed. See you! Enjoy your comming! :-)


Oops, time is running out. But just befor the year will end, there is still an important thing to do: The Steven&Alex Project has to be opened. We will do this at Friday, 29th december 2006, 21.00 MEZ .Oops again, what I'm writing here? May it be possible, that I will be ready with the project until this date? Last weeks I have written the story again and again but I feel, it isn't ready at all. But there is no way, we have to do it this year, because the new year will bring us new stories...

So, if you have time and would like to come to my projects opening: It will be at the virtual banqueting hall - don't look at it now, the entrance will be opened at 29th december at - attention - 21.00 MEZ (Middle European Time).

Here the things again, you'll need:

  • Your favourite champagne (but orange-juice is allowed, too ;-)
  • A nice glass, to make "cheers"
  • A candle for an adequate atmosphere

I enjoy your comming and wish you a nice time and happy christmas!


Today I have some good news for you:

The name of the actual top-secret project is complete now:

"The Aliens Project"

But we are not ready with it - the main part begins now! More at the Aliens Project.

The removal of the pages is done now and the Homepage is working well now. Some navigation-elements had to change, because the new provider doesn't support them. But I think, they are so easy, that everybody can work with.

Until this time the title of the homepage was: "Music has a new name" - After nearly two years the time seems to be ready for a change. The new title is: "Music, Art & Fun", and I think that this sounds well.

And now I have a nice surprise! A brand new project with the title "Steven and Alex". And it is already done! CD was already created and handed over! And the whole story, which Alexandersound-typical is playing between normality and crazyness, had only to put into the Computer. And this will be done in the next time.

And then? Well, then we have to do one of our notorious Project-Opening-Parties, to which are alle people invited, who have time and like to come to the virtual banqueting hall (at the opening day attainable over the stardside), where we can chat and celebrate together. The time of opening and other details will be published in this rubric.

But you can already do some pre-work: We celebrate with a good champagne. Anti-alcoholics of course can choose an other drink. But with some style please! A nice glass and candle-light...


After a summer-break and a little removal stress I am back now. Alexandersound has now a new home and there is still some work to do, that the homepage will work perfectly. Songdemos cannot be heared at the moment.

But I hope, this will be done in the next days and soon as the last troubles of removal will be removed, I have some interesting news for you...


Go into the cave or better not? Today you got the answer. Look at our actual project.


Learning never ends - and so yesterday I visited a singing workshop again. The teacher, a proffessional singer, understood to mediate theory and practice about singing. But the main point was the great joy by doing the exercises and the singing together. Time was gone too fast this afternoon.

By introducing myself at the beginning, I told that I like to imitate other singers and so I had to demonstate this at the end and did some imitations of a few German singers. Without playback this isn's so easy than with, but I think it was very successful.

If the new pictures in the actual project are successful, too, you can decide by clicking into.


Did everybody have a good time during easter? With many colourful easter eggs? If not, it doesn't matter, because our actual project becomes very colourful now. This can happen, if you have not enough attention at the doctor... ;-)


I wish you all a nice easter celebration and as a little easter-present from me, our crazy story got new pictures.


There are not many question-marks at the name of the actual project now and today one question-mark was taken away again. Let's have a look, how the story goes on!


The story goes on...


The doctor comes in good form in the actual project. Curious? So just click in!

Because the many pictures the side is parted now - if you have a slower internet-connection you don't have to wait until all well-known pictures are loaded, you can click further in the next "chapter". Yes, I know, in spite of that it will need some time - but this has it to be worth for you. And don't ever forget, that life some of his presents only will give to you, if you are patient enough.


You have seen right! There is another new project, called "Sternentänzer". I want it to become a very beautiful project, such beautiful like the name sounds (in German expression).

This project was planed for future. But life sometimes goes it own ways and I had to public the name at this time. The rest you will experience at a later point of time.

And until than you can follow me to the actual project.


Are you all well-landed here in the new year? And ready for new "misdeeds"? All right, because we have something to do...

Let's have a look to the actual project first where the story goes on!


Because you were so honest this year, you get a little present for christmas ;-)

In the new rubric EXTRA (choosable from the startside) will be presented - the name already tells you - some extras from now on. We begin because an actually happening with Dr. Kingsize.

Wish you a lot of joy and merry christmas! Yours

Alex from AlexanderSound


Yesterday I was at the dentist.

You want to know, what this has to do with music? Easy: In his freetime my dentist changes his drill with a microphone to imitate the unforgettable "King" Elvis in an excellent way. The concert was great and I can only recommend all Elvis-Fans (and everyone, who want to become one) to visit a show of "Dr. Kingsize". Here you can find his Homepage.


Ooops! Don't let this month go away without have a look at the crazy story of the actual project. This way!


Okay, I was a little lazy the last time. But this is because the season. The trees let their leaves fall down and so I let my wings hang down, but only to get new swing for the work that is still to do in future.

A few days ago I got a nice mail from Klaus Schillinger. He is the German representative of an international group of artists, called Sane Society. I viewed the homepage and found a lot of nice things there, so I took the invention with pleasure to place AlexanderSound there. Look into the great portal of Sane Society, I am sure you will enyoy!

The actual projekt is going on and there are new pictures. You better have a look at it!


Two days ago important photos for the actual project were shot. And I am glad, that a very busy institution found the time to work with me. What kind of "institution" this was, is at time (of course) Top SECRET.

But you will get the whole story...if the right time will come ;-) And now the story goes on...


The story must be told...


The "bad weather" of the last days also had something goods: The homepage is nearly complete translated into the English language. That's a good message for English-speaking people, of course. And this is important, because I'm more and more "working international".

But I don't will forget the German visitors: The actual projekt goes on... (Of course already translated for foreign visitors, too)


The story goes on...


Are you ready for the next dimension?

Follow me!


Unbelievable, but true: There is another projekt comming soon. Of course it is top secret at the moment - you know this from the other projekts in the growing-up-phase. But in this case the projekt is so extraordinary secret, that even the pseudonym is top secret. And imagine, even I don't know at this time, how this will end (but no reason to get worry about, at the other projekts this was often so).

New at this projekt is, that before the official opening it will show of it. Not all at one time, of course, this would be too much for our nervous system in this times of trouble - but slowly the psydonym will be presented and an exciting Story will grow up on this pages.

I don't know, how much time this projekt will need, because we are entering a dimension, where time plays no roll...

>To the projekt<


It's done! Projekt "Z" is opened and under the name "Like a gipsy" you can step in. I want to say thank you to all my guests, who were here at the opening and who made it to an especially event!!!

All the others I wish a lot of joy with the new project!


Day "Z"! Today is the day of the days! The great secret about Projekt "Z" will be shown. Be there - today at 22 o´clock at the banqueting hall.


Attention! The opening of Projekt "Z" will be one week later, at sunday, the 10th of july at 22 o clock. Because I like to invite some people extra, who are important for this projekt. First I didn't like to give much importance for the opening, but now I have the feeling, that this projekt is it worth to be celebrated.

I want to celebrate the opening with all people, which are here at this time. And we want to do this with some style, so have a look now into the projekt, because there are helpful notices about the best way to be prepared for the opening.

I am happy about all guests, who have time and who will like to come to open the projekt together!!!


It has happened!! The CD from the Projekt "Z" was successfully handed over yesterday.

If nothing will go wrong, the top-secret project can be opened. This will probably happen at sunday, 3rd of july at 22 o clock. If you have time and the right mood, click at AlexanderSound and be here, if a new chapter of art is born ;-)

I am in joy about your visit!


Ready! After a long work (today for example till half past two in the morning) the CD of Projekt "Z" is ready. I am very glad with the result and I will meet the musician this weekend, who I want to surprise with. And I only can hope, that the enjoys my surprising, too - by surprisings you never can be sure. So give me your best wishes!

Like the last projekt, this one will be opened officially. This will probably happen at the next weekend (1-3th of july) - the exact time will be published soon. At the opening there will be a chatroom in which we can prepare about the projekt and chat about something.

I hope to finish the side until next week and I wish all visitors a nice time and many joy for the opening of the new projekt!


Today I want to greet all visitors, which are here becaue my interview at RMNradio. I am happy, that my homepage has found your interest and I hope, that you will have much joy at my sides!

A remark for all other visitors: Yesterday I have got an e-mail from the journalist Charly Sinclair. He works at the radio and wanted me to present my homepage there for the program "The better Side". Well, I couldn't resist and so I was heard today at half past six p.m. live at Charlys program.

Perhaps I will tell about some times later about, but at this time I have to do a lot with Projekt "Z". The photos are already shot and I am busy in creating a cover. The pictures are very nice at it is a hard work to choose from the many pictures the right one for the cover.


Ready! The first part of the photoshooting for Projekt "Z" is done. At the beginning the weather was ideal and made the right atmosphere. But then the rain got stronger and we had to stop our work earlier as planed. But there are a lot of photos already made and I think, that some adequate is there - I am sure that we already got the coverphoto.

Tomorrow we will start part two of the shooting. This will probably happen in the studio.

I was very amazed about our story. Our photo-trip had a little bit of adventure as we opened the way throug the woods. And it will be a lot to report in this project, this is sure. I stepped into a crazy story and life is giving me the highlights - unbelievable what already happened at me... and I am curious about the further happenings.

About the recordings of the music I am satisfied, too. Also the second song is redorded now and at next only the CD has to be created.

And the time-plan is right, too. Beside some adversities of life, but which let the story be more interested, all goes perfect.

So wish me good luck, that all is going right in the future, too - If all will go this way I can promise you, that this will be a very fine project!


Today I can tell about two good messages: At first I got an official document, which was needed for the Project "Z". So the bureaucratic things were done and the artistic work can continue.

The second good Message: I was visited by an well-known photographer. And fortune was good to me: Not enough that we had happy times together: He told me, that he would like to shoot the photos for Project "Z"!! I don't tell his name, but if you carefully read my homepage, you probably will know. A little tip: The second name of the photographer nearly sounds like his first ;-)

This are good news, of course and I am very happy that the project has a good start. Now we only need the right weather in the next days and the fun can start...


At mixing of the recordings I can be very petty: So I sometimes sit in front of my equipment, hearing the same song again and again, adjusting the controllers again and again, until the result is acceptable for me.

And if all is right, I have to hear the same song more then ten times, because it sounds so good for me.

Yesterday I had a long night. The reason: The actual project "Z": One of two songs, the CD contains, is ready now and I think, I had to hear it over 50 times, because it is so beautiful (even now it runs in the background)!!

So the joy in forward I will share with you, but be a little patient - with the project a (well-known) musician shall be surprised, so I can't tell it now. But it wouldn't last very long, because I will met this musician in this month and until then it has to be finished!


Good news for all friends of good music: There is a new project! At this time it is found under the covername <Project "Z"> but it is top secret! But I can promise you, that it will be a very beautiful project, I am euphoric about the test-recordings!


Finally it is time to present the Höllbach-Choir. Today at 22 o clock the project will be opened. All people I intended to surprise with it, are informed and so I can open it with good feelings. I wish you all many joy with the project!


And again the wonderful date let me write some sentences ;-) The Höllbach-Choir is nearly finished. Some works have to be done and in this month the secret will be shown - I promise you this! I am also working at new Demo-CD. And because I want to have a professional quality, I am searching for a studio. If someone can recommend one, please connect me.


If two musicians are meeting each other, then music is like an additional language for agreement. A few days ago, Sigie was visiting me. He is a keyboard- and accordionplayer of passion. And even our music goes different ways, there were also songs, we like together. And so our singing and playing together was an extraordinary event. At last Sigie gave me an autograph card. And because my collection of autographs has doubled at once, I decided to make a special autograph side.


Only the nice date let me write a new message ;-)

Attentive visitors will have noticed, that sides in the English language are slowly comming into my projects. This should be helpful for international guests. People with good knowledge in the English language will have noticed, that I sometimes have my own interpretation of English grammar ;-) Advices are welcomed!


Birthday of a well-known painter. His succesful work Geburtstag eines bekannten Malers. Sein erfolgreiches Werk "Lady at the window" you can see in the project "Lady in Red" ;-))


I like to wish all visitors and fans (I'm sure, there are two or three ;-) a nice easter celebration!!!

At the moment I am on a Phil-Collins-Trip and I like it very much to sing some of his songs. And I have a lot to do with the Höllback-Choir (but don't look at it, it's still top secret ;-) But soon the project will be opened. Please have a little patience)


The homepage is complete now - for this time - and it is official opened today. There is also a guestbook, you can find it at the first side or in the compass or just here. I can't tell you when there will be new projects - I am working continously at new ideas and if the right times come, they will be published. I can only recommend to take this side into your favourites and have a look at it sometimes - I am glad about your visit!


In the last time I worked about some details - Work you can't see much, but which is very important. And there is new function: The compass - you can blend in a help for navigation with this tool, which makes it a little easier.


There will be not much time, until the homepage will be opened officially. I just have deleted the last construction site picture. Look here to see the nice picture again.

The startpage has a new counter for visitors. If somebody needs one for his homepage: Here you can get one for free!


As a musician with "heart and soul" I can't let go a chance away to sing. And so I made my singing today in a church. There was a so called "Taize-Gottesdienst", in which there is less speaking but more singing - exactly my way. It was a pity that not much people sang together, because there were many people visiting the mass. But this didn't prevent me to shout out my voice without leniance. And although the meditative part was too short it was a nice evening and so do I think a step of the church in the right way.


No always all goes right. Today I invested some hours to convince the program, that writing with capital letters in side-links is not the same as writing with small letters ;-)

And it was a bad surprise as I had to realize at an other computer that the mp3-player started all the songs automaticly after loading an there was a completeley chaos. So I took all demos on seperate sides which starting the songs only after the side-call.


The homepage is nearly complete now. Some less people the side will be told to test it. The loading of the pictures lasts some time with a slower internet-connection - but I would like to have a good quality of pictures and don't want to shorten much. If you read the text, too, it doesn't matter, because the pictures can load in this time.

The demos also loading very long - but the quality would be okay...

...you can't have all perfect!


After the homepages lying fallow for over one year (if this is good for fields, it cannot be bad for homepages ;-)) i found the time and the right mood in this silent days after christmas to create the homepage. Not everything goes right at first, but more and more I learn to work with the homepage-program and the exertions are going more successful. Factors of motivation are increasing!