The Höllbach-Choir

Is there a hell?

Yes, it is. And it's not far away from my hometown. You can find it in the Bayerischen Wald (Bavarian Forest)

Here you can see:

(Remark: Naturschutzgebiet "Hölle" = national park "hell")

A hell needs a forecourt, of course.

The forecourt of hell is called Höllbachhof.

Here you can see:

Well, I don't know what the people thought by themselves naming this paradise of nature. The only reason maybe, that there sometimes

"auf Teufel komm raus"

(since evil comes out)

would be sang. ("auf Teufel komm raus" means in the German language, that something will be done very entensively)

This is always the case, if Peter und Aneeta Makena from the sunny State of California are flying to us, to make their

höllisch gute

("hellish good" - means in German that something is very good)

"Singing Celebration"

I summer 2004 I spent some wonderful days at the Höllbachhof. There is a beautiful landscape around the property which is directly at the national park "Hölle". The rooms are nice arranged and the meals are nearly undescribable: A high-quality good tasting vegetarian kitchen which Asiatic accent. The visitors were sure: This eating can make addicted ;-)

At this beautiful place met people from different regions, with different ages and jobs to sing together. And how could I describe this amazing experience, when people suddenly loose their fears, prejudices and sorrows, and then a field of spirit opens which reveals another level of existence.

I can't do and so I let it be. This is a kind of experiences you have to get by yourself. Who already has got, knows about what I'm speaking, all the others I only can wish with all of my heart to make this experience some day.

After this precious days of "Singing Celebration" und the "Workshop of Vocal Expression" from Peter und Aneeta, I drove back home, with me the wonderful mood of the experience and a mini-disc, full with some acustic impressions of the event.

In the following moth there was created a complete CD with 12 titles:

The simple recordings were amended and a lot of parts I sang afterwards to them. Sometimes then other melodies and harmonies were created to give the songs another interesting touch.

Even the design of CD looks quiet professional:

And the booklet, too:

Have a look inside

Oh, you want something to hear, too? - Of course: