Lady in Red

A little time after the funny Harpo-story I found a flyer at my post box. The well-known singer Chris De Burgh would come to Germany to give a concert at Abhallcity* - near my homecity
*Name changed

In my repertoire there is a well-known song of him. It's his very successful song "Lady in Red".

And suddenly I had a crazy idea ...

...and it was a real crazy idea!

If you were looking at the CD-covers from Chris, you will not found any "Lady in Red" there. Even at the album "Lady in Red" there isn't any red Lady.

No red lady at the whole "Chris De Burgh material". "That has to be changed", I thought by myself and created a plan, to change the situation.

And this was the plan:

We are looking about the "Lady in Red" for Chris De Burgh. We would find her at the women of Abhallcity. Then we would make fotos and create a nice CD-Cover. And the CD would come from AlexanderSound, of course: A duet with Chris and Alex. And we would present the CD during the concert. What a nice idea! And a really nice surprise for the sympathic singer with the great voice!

Yeah! This could work!

Only one critical factor of the story: Chris would come very soon. But that would not be a real problem for me, because in some other projekts I had less time, too.

I made the arrangements for the important next steps. The most important step was the press. The projekt had to be published by the publicity of Abhallcity - especial the female. Only then it could be possible, in sight of the short time, to find enough candidates who will come in this adventure.

Now it was my duty to convince the newspaper of Abhallcity from my projekt. Only a article could produce enough attentiveness in the short time. And I was so shure, that my enthusiastic letter would be successful.

I should go wrong. The very short and clear answer I got at a message with the reason: Time wouldn't be enough.

With this answer I can't live of course. "What kind of problem does this woman have?" I thought by myself. "The time-problem is mine!". Because it couldn't be the problem to write the article until a few days.

Well I sent back another message to convince the women. But it was impossible. "Time is to short" I heard again and I had the impression, that this woman don't have any motivation to write the article. But for the newspaper it would have been a so nice story - I couldn't understand this.

"Okay, without newspaper the projekt will be more difficult", I said to myself and sent a message to the burgomaster of the city - "perhaps the major of the city is enjoyed of this extraordinary idea"...

He wasn't.

I even didn't get an answer.

And so my motivation got down and I had no joy to bring this city, giving me so less help, in the deeper memories from Chris De Burgh.

Little time I played with the idea, to make some posters to continue the projekt. But there were other preventions I don't want to tell in detail. So I let the whole nice story fall down...

It wasn't the right time for the idea...

...or not the right city...

...or both!

And even my feeling told me: This decision is all right.

Here you can see the shirt, which I created for the model search, but it didn't come to use

Like a warrant of apprehension there was searched for the mysterious lady - alive!

No reason to get worried. Al happenings have two sides. If the first plan would have been successful, I couldn't tell you about the crazy idea which was following...

...and it was a real crazy idea!

One of them you have after a "hard night", and your head ist grumbling , while you stand in front of the bathroom mirror - for example like this:

I questioned myself: Why should I search a long time for a lady? My other covers show me - why shouldn't I play the lady by myself? And so:

Let's go!

And I started to get many informations about the "Lady-Theme". And this was a lot to do, I can tell you now, after all.

First I had to got the adequate clothes. I had to find out, which woman-size I had. I sampled informations all around womans clothes. The internet was a great help. By the way, here is a interesting page about

womens stockings.

Who ist looking for something, is finding it, too!

And so I got peace for peace the adequate outfit:

But I needed a make-up, too. The lady had to look like a real lady and not like a man in ladies clothes!

So I get some articles for the make-up and the following book:

Theory and practice. And only from reading you want become a make up artist. So there were a lot of tryings necessary, even it looked a little comical at the first times (I wouldn't like show you pictures about). In the book I had to notice, that I would be a winter-type, if I were a woman - this was a little help by creating the make up.

And after a while I could work out my "inner lady", until the time was come:

I saw the lady in me!

I was ready!

And Heiner was it, too - after he was healed from his laughing-spasm (he became after informing him from my new plan)...

And so it happened, that one evening in a photo studio in the city of "Kastl" we wrote a little bit the story of photographs...

...yes, I really want to say, that the great book of the "story of photographs" was completed with another chapter ;-)

The pictures were so successful! More than this. It was hard to decide, which picture I should take for the cover. Too much wonderful pictures there were. So there was created second Cover, which will be taken for another CD in the future. And I created a calendar, too, which was really nice and artistic worthful:

Photo calendar:

And here the CD-cover for my demo CD "Lady in Red":

Why I took this photo from the many others, had following reason:

I think, it discribes the lady from the song and the mood at best. The plan with Chris was fallen down, the concert has been shown long time ago. That's because on the CD there isn't a duett, like the first plan was, but AlexanderSound "pure".

The voice remembers totally to the little Irish man with the big voice:

Vincent van Koch: "Lady at the window", Paris, summer 1886 - oil-painted on linen



*Remark: Because the story could bring the city and it's major in a wrong light, the names have been changed.