Damned near at the original

To imitate voices is my speciality - I imitate more than 50 German and international well-known voices (look at my repertoire)

At the same time Lucille was made, I took the chance to send the jury

of the competition of musicians some songs I imitate so well.

In a short time I recorded some songs,

which were presented in the CD "Damned near at the Original"

The Demo-CD "Damned near at the original"

As you can see, the CD hasn't an ambitious design

- it really was made as quickly as possible

But whatever the CD is worth hearing.

Sorry, to cannot present the demos here, because §§ legal requirements

but at least I can tell you some words to the songs

Fiesta Mexicana

Who don't know the unforgetable song of Rex Gildo, a German singer who has died too soon. It's a bliss for me, to be able to imitate his voice very good and so I want to keep the membrance alive

Einmal um die ganze Welt

A well-known song of the Czech singer Karel Gott, who often is presented as the "golden voice of Prague".

Very right, because his voice has the quality of an opera singer. Because his individuated dialect it's easy to imitate him - assumed you have a little bit of the blood of an opera singer in you ;-)

Die kleine Kneipe

An unforgettable German song from Peter Alexander,

which is not only a famous singer, but an actor and sucessful showmaster, too.

Two songs of the liked artist I sing with joy, and one of them is

"the little tavern"

A Mensch möcht i bleibn

I like our Austrian neighbours. And I can imitate their dialect well.

The song from Wolfgang Ambros applies in this time now just better as it did at the publication of the song.

I like to sing this song with the voice of the original interpret.

Über 7 Brücken

Now we come to a little speciality, because ever I imitate Peter Maffay, I can even feel his birthmark on his top lip.

The little man for me belongs to the great ones.

Musik nur wenn sie laut ist

Herbert Grönemeyer has a very interesting voice! You can shout loudely into the microphone, shout out your frustration and you feel quiet good after singing - excepting your vocal cords. So I prefer to imitate him at the end of an event or a lesson.

Disco 2000

The successful song of the British band "Pulp". As early as I have heard this song, I knew, that I would like it to imitate. It's a fantastic song!

Across The Universe

10cc belongs to the absolutely top-bands. So many hits and one of the few Bands, I can hear the whole CD without becoming to much. The song "Across The Universe" I found at the CD "Alive" an was instantly excited of it. And my voice is especially by this song so damned near at the original - amazing myself!

Because this song is not so popular like some others, and because to better show the quality of my imitation I put the original song too at the Demo-CD.

Wind Of Change

The Scorpions I have heard live at concert and was very impressed of the voice from the singer Klaus Meine. It sounds live in same high quality then in the studio, and this artistry only some singers are good at. Mostly there is a bit of "technical help" in the studio-recordings - but by the Scorpions definitively not!

My interpretation of this great song - I don't like to call it imitation - was born just for fun in addition with a little sore throat (without joke!), which gave me the necessary roughness in the voice.