Music, Art & Fun

I make music since a lot of years. In a few ways: I am playing the keyboard and make my own compositions. It's mostly instrumental music which is comming up from my emotions.

One day I discovered my joy in singing. As a little children I already have imitated voices. So I began to sing German songs - as original as possible. My repertoire grew up and as the German singers who I sang with pleasure, were not enough, I began to sing English Songs, too.

My dayly "Singing-Lessons" I take mostly at home, sometimes in the car and sometimes at some Playback-Events, too. From time to time I am also present at cabarets, parties or other special events. My speciality are the 80's. Here ist my repertoire.

Sometimes it happens, that I hear a song in the radio and suddenly a new text is born in my mind. So, for example the song "Why does it have to swell you out now, Lucille?" was created. And this song was the hour of birth for AlexanderSound.

Music and art are going together in my doings - so the CD-cover and pamphlets are a theme for themselves and it often takes a lot of hours, until there is a perfect result. And that Fun has a big part at my works, too, you can convince yourself at my sides of this homepage.

The CDs are all DEMOs, that means, that they cannot be buyed. Perhaps this will change one day ... if the world is ready for my music ;-)

Otherwise I will continue, as long as it makes fun!