AlexanderS Böhmerwald:

(AlexanderS forest of Böhmen)

It must have been a very long time ago in my earliest childhood,

I have heard the song "Tief drin im Böhmerwald", a well-known folksong, the first time.

And somehow I must have knewn it unwittingly,

that this song would play an important role

in my later life.

"Böhmerwald - wo meine Wiege stand"

(Forest of Böhmen - where my cradle stood)

Only this words survived in my memory during the years,

but who cares about? This few words gave the skeleton for a own,

joky lyrics, which was born in my head bit by bit.

And curiously enough not only the lyrics changed, even the melody

suddenly became different,

so I am wondering today, hearing the original, which melody really it has.

In contrast to the original my version don't tell about nice childhood remembrance,

but portrays the less sunny days of a difficult childhood in the - how the title let expect

sow-cold forest of Böhmen

Surprisingly the song gets a change at its end.

I was surprised by myself, too,

but the inspiration made possible a

happy end!

An now, in opposite to Lucille,

where the end in the song not looked funny yet,

the nice end can already heared in the song.

As I found an awesome suit at the attic for a carnival party,

which remembered me at Peter from the fairytale film "Heidi",

I realized, that this even would be a good outfit for a cover picture.

And so it was.

Actually this is my first coverphoto - I had to capture it,

because it was made years ago with an old reflex camera.

There were only a few of photos made

- no way of comparison to later projects,

we never ended under hundrets of photos...

The design was one of my first - you will recognize at the not well-engineered


The Demo-CD "Sow-cold forest of Böhmen"

And the CD itself got an fitting design, too:

The CD was recorded with my best opera-tenor-voice

(so sorry that I cannot play it here because §§)

AlexanderS forest of Böhmen:

first hated...

...then loved!

Saukalter Böhmerwald

(Sow-cold forest of Böhmen)

(Remark: Dear English-speaking visitor, The song only sounds really good in the German language. I have translated it, so that you can follow the story)

Dort unt´ im Böhmerwald,

(Over there in the forest of Böhmen)

wo meine Wiege stand,

(where my cradle stood)

im böhmischen Wald,

(in the forest of Böhmen)

da war es saukalt

(there it was sow-cold)

und ich kleines Kind,

(and I, little children)

fror wie ein Rind.

(froze like a cow)

Ja im böhmischen Wald

(Oh yeay, in the forest of Böhmen)

bin ich beinah´ erfrorn´

(I nearly died of cold)

hatt´ schon ganz blaue Ohrn´.

(I already had blue ears)

Dort unten im Böhmerwald,

(Over there, in the forest of Böhmen)

wo meine Wiege stand

(where my craddle stood)

Meine Hebamme war

(My midwife was)

wohl fast hundert Jahr

(nearly one hundred years old)

und sie roch aus dem Maul

(and she stank from the mouth)

wie ein Ackergaul,

(like a farm-horse)

ich graute mir so

(I disgusted so much)

sie roch aus dem Maul,

(she stank from the mouth)

sie stank wie ein Klo.

(she stank like a toilet)

Oh, ich hasste den Böhmerwald

(Oh, I hated the forest of Böhmen)

- der war so eisig kalt

(it was so icy cold)

mein Vater der trank,

(my father was drinking)

die Mutter war krank,

(my mother was ill)

Schulden auf der Bank,

(depts at the bank)

und die Hebamme stank!

(and the midwife stank)

Oh, du Böhmerwald,

(Oh, you forest of Böhmen)

ich sag´ dir, hier werd´ ich nicht alt!

(I tell you, here I'm not getting old)

Leb´ noch immer im Böhmerwald,

(I'm still living here in the forest of Böhmen)

wo schon meine Wiege stand

(where also my craddle stood)

Ich fand dort eine Frau,

(I found there a woman)

ihre Augen so blau,

(her eyes so blue)

nehme sie in den Arm,

(taking her in my arm)

dann wird mir schon warm.

(then it will sudden be warm)

Ihre Augen so blau,

(her eyes so blue)

nehme sie in den Arm,

(taking her in my arm)

dann wird mir so warm.

(then it will be so warm)