Alex & Billy

Billy Joel is one of my favourite singers. On the one hand I like his songs very much and I can good imitate his voice.

One day I read in the weekly paper a joyful article: They were looked for people, whoose outlook is identical like a prominent person.

"No problem" , I thought, "correctly in pose I look a little bit like Billy Joel. And even if apart from the outward similarity still the voice is identical, then it has to work!"

In a lot of hours I created the "weekly paper edition" Alex & Billy:

The exclusive album is locked with an elegant silver cord,

after opening a noble sight presents itself the viewer:

Song texts and pictures from Billy Joel on a luxurious paper...

... and a clever arranged CD,

on which I sing together with Billy three of his songs in the Duett.

A special clou: One part of the picture is on the cover...

...the other part is on the CD!

And the result?

Unfortunately the newspaper didn't recognize my double qualities and I got no place in the newspaper (I do not know - was it the picture or the voice? ;-)

O.k. Billy looks today a little differently, than on the old CD Cover and this series of articles was probably not the correct way for publishing me - soon that should change however (with Lucille)...

But I was very glad with the result...

...and that's the most important thing - isn't it?