"So really nice

it sounds only with a second voice!

AlexanderSound is just alone,

but this ist not a broken bone,

sings it himself completely at



(Remark: please excuse, if the English translation sounds not as good as the original ;-)

"Hello, Mr. Jürgens,

AlexanderSound has your song

"Liebe ohne Leiden"

("Love without hurts")

which you sang together with your daughter Jenny, just given a new interpretation.

How do you find it?"

"Oh, - thank you, Mr. Jürgens!"

Dear friends of good music, please don't believe alone the meaning of one person and just decide yourself about AlexanderSounds excellent interpretated versions of:

"Liebe ohne Leiden"

("Love without hurts")


"Schön ist es auf der Welt zu sein"

("Beautiful it is to be here in this world")

(Mr. Black, who sang together with the little girl Anita the title "Schön ist es auf der Welt zu sein", we can't ask for his meaning, because he is already dead. (Remark of editor))